Promotion in Instagram

Instagram 1000 followers

4 $ 5 $ per package

Instagram 2000 followers

8 $ 10 $ per package

Instagram 3000 followers

12 $ 15 $ per package

Instagram 5000 followers

18 $ 25 $ per package

Instagram 10000 followers without write-off guarantee

20 $ 40 $ per package

Instagram 10,000 followers with a 30 day write-off guarantee

50 $ 80 $ per package

Instagram 50000 followers with a 30-day write-off guarantee. In the case of write-offs after the guarantee, RESTORATION 6 months.

290 $ 370 $ per package

Instagram 100000 followers

450 $ 500 $ per package

Instagram 2000 likes all posts for a month

160 $ 180 $ per package

About us

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Our company has been professionally developing for 8 years IT systems and internet marketing. We can offer You the best price-performance ratio for promotion on social networks

If you have any questions about using the service SMM-JET or You need a more specific promotion function - you can write directly to our social networking specialist

Our address: Rostov-on-Don st. Socialisticheskaya, 74, of. 915

Frequently asked Questions

What is Coverage?

Coverage is the total number of people who looked at your post. If one person watched the post twice, then it counts as one “Coverage”, but two “Shows”. This is the difference between "Coverage" and "Shows".

What are “Auto-Moldings”, “Auto-views”, “Auto-metrics”, etc.?

“Autolikes” on Instagram are likes, which are automatically placed on every new post you have created and are intended to display publications in the TOP. For example, you order 1000 likes for 100 new posts, the service will automatically put 1000 likes for each of the 100 new posts. "Auto-views" and "Auto-comments" work in the same way

Will followers unsubscribe?

We cheat only quality subscribers with a guarantee of 20 days. After this period, the number of subscribers may decrease slightly, but this happens for natural reasons, and will also occur on any other service that you want to use. We recommend to wind as much as you need at the moment, and if you want to fill up after a while.

What are the guarantees?

The site contains the address of our office and the phone number to contact a specialist. In case of questions, you can always come to us personally or contact us. We have been developing and marketing for more than 8 years, and are aimed at trusting relationships with all clients.

What is cheating for?

Cheat is used for various reasons: advertising, personal ambitions, participation in contests. The most popular is advertising. With the right approach, wrapping becomes a powerful tool to attract customers to your page. With the help of cheating, we have launched more than 10’000 business pages, and all their owners have become our satisfied customers.

Will the cheating start immediately or after some time?

Usually cheat is performed within 24 hours after payment. Sometimes there are small delays, but many services are performed on the contrary during the first 5 minutes after payment. In general, the speed of execution depends on the queue for this service and the quantity you ordered.

What is “Custom Comments”?

Arbitrary comments - when the comments are thought up by the users themselves who leave them, and do not write exactly what you said to write. Use the service to display in the TOP, together with likes and views.

What are "Defined comments"?

Specified comments - when you come up with comments that will be placed under your posts. The list of comments must be inserted when ordering, each comment from a new line. Use the service to display in the TOP, together with the likes and view.

How to pay?

All payments for services are made through the secure payment service Robokassa. When you pay for the service, enter the e-mail in order to receive an electronic cash voucher, which will guarantee the performance of the service! You can pay by Visa, MasterCard or any other way convenient for you.

My page will not be blocked?

No, for using our service, your account is not threatened.